We get to build websites for companies big and small, and Australian Health Industry Group are a bigger one, we relished the opportunity to create more bespoke code to achieve this businesses unique goals.

Several months ago, we met with AHIG who were in dire need of help. They'd previously contracted a company for their website, who after many months of miscoummincation, left them with something not worth the money they'd paid. Sites On Fire were able to come in, create an entirely new website design, that actually helped the business, rather than try and hack some shoddy WordPress template together. This new website interfaces with their companies internal training portal, showing users upcoming training events, before forwarding them off to place a booking for webinars and physical seminars. AHIG also need to manage their thousands of members. Each member can log in to gain access to members only information, they can also login to check the status of their member rewards via an external system which uses JWT authentication (if you don't know what it is, it's a secure way of authenticating users across services)


All in all, 1000's of lines of custom code was written to accomplish this website, we didn't buy a cheap template and try to "make it work", we worked hard to create a unique system that fitted perfectly with the businesses requirements.


Visit www.austhig.net.au to see what we are capable off, and contact us to get your website started!