Mobile Friendly Web Design Melbourne

Since April 21st 2015, Google has made a change in their search algorithms. Google Seach results now heavily favour websites that are mobile friendly. Mobile Friendly websites, or Responsive websites will now be given a higher score than non mobile friendly websites. This massive change in the way your website design is ranked on Google has been called "Mobilegeddon", due to the serious impact this change can have on your website. With over 50% of all Google searches taking place on a mobile device, it's madness to not make sure your website is mobile friendly.

What is a mobile friendly website?

There's more to it than the name suggests, a mobile friendly website, is one singular website that has been coded to scale down, rearrange it's content to best suit any device that's viewing it. Resulting in a website that looks perfect, no matter who, or what is viewing it. Having a mobile presence on every device is critical to your business. With mobile traffic only increasing, as people are moving away from viewing websites on a desktop computer and to iPhones and iPads. Call Sites On Fire to get your own mobile friendly website.

Why do I need a mobile friendly website?

Only 5 or so years ago, almost all traffic to a website was from a desktop computer. So a website was only designed to fit a standard desktop screen. But try and view this website on a mobile device, and you'll get a small, zoomed out, hard to use website. Your website should be 100% accesible from every device.

How does it work?

Sites On Fire are experts and website design and website development. We have a streamlined process to create stunning responsive, mobile friendly websites at a fraction of the cost. Using our own custom built code, no templates, just 100% custom code, our websites will resize to fit any device.

Will it benefit my business?

Yes, absolutely. Having a mobile friendly website is the obvious choice in today's market place. If your website isn't mobile friendly, your customers are likely to go back to Google, who favours mobile friendly websites, and go to one of your competitors websites, whose is mobile friendly