Mobile Friendly Websites

With so many different types of smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, how do you make sure your website design looks perfect on all of them? Having a seperate mobile website is no longer a viable option.

The latest in website technology are Mobile Friendly Webites. Put simply, a Mobile Friendly Website will alter it's dimensions to fit onto the screen it is being viewed on, meaning on a small smart phone screen, the elements on the page resize and shuffle their position to ensure your website is still perfectly useable, and as the screen sizes get larger, again all the elements move and resize to accomodate the extra screen real-estate.

Mobile Friendly Websites allow website designers to fine tune websites for all sizes. Having your own Mobile Friendly Website is a true "one size fits all" approach to the internet.

Websites for all devices

The rapid rise in the adoption of mobile phones and smart phones that are internet capable has forced a shift in the way people access the internet. Now daily people are using their phones to go online, from paying bills, looking up business and enjoying social media. Why shouldn't you capitlize on this shift? is your website optimized for smart phones? Or does your website appear zoomed out, small and hard to use? Don't force potential clients to use an outdated website on a hand held device, or worse force them to find a competitor who has a website that works and is built for all devices.

Keep up to date

Even though some of the concepts behind Mobile Friendly Websites may seem complicated, maintaining your new Mobile Friendly Website couldn't be easier. Once you login to our Content Management System called FireStarter, you are a few clicks away from updating your website, not just for desktop, but for every device. When you update your website, it will affect every device that accesses your website.