Our Website Development Process

Below is an overview of the steps to get your business online

Planning (1-7 days)

  • We discuss your business, and your goals for your website.
  • Research the current market you are in, identify competitors, to guide your website creation
  • From our research, we will create a simple outline of what content you need.


Content & Design (10-14 days)

  • You will supply the all the text and images for your website, using our simple content outline as a guide.
  • Discuss design styles and ideas you may have, before settling on the design to best suit your needs.
  • Create a design mockup to approve

Development (15-20 days)

  • Using our custom CMS Fire Starter, we will upload and format all your content
  • Take the design mockup, and create it in code.
  • Add interactive features such as contact forms, sliders and animations
  • Optimize the website for Google SEO, and overall performance improvements
  • Program mobile friendly features if selected


Training & Support (on going)

  • Tutorials on how to use our custom CMS, Fire Starter, which is so easy you'll be a pro in no time.
  • Available to contact via email 24/7 for support
  • Book a support call to help you