Unlimited Updates

Sites On Fire use a custom built content management system called Fire Starter, guaranteed to be the easiest and most capable CMS out there.

24/7 Access

Want to maintain your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Want to edit your website as many times as you want? Great, when Sites On Fire build you a website using FireStarter, you can update whenever, and however many times you want.

Add Photos

Every website needs photos, rather than uploading one at a time using a tired old upload button, simply select the photos you want to upload on your computer, and drag and drop the selected photos into your photo library. Now you can add those photos to any page you want, using an easy image browser

See What You're Typing

Unlike other popular Content Management Systems like Word Press, Joomla, Drupal. Firestarter actually loads your web page into the editor and allows you to simply click where you want to type, and then start typing. No typing into a box, saving, refreshing the page to see if it's right.

Why use a custom CMS?

We've tried more content management systems than we can remember. Everyone we tried had their strengths, but none were the complete package. Some were catered for pros, and too hard to our clients to use, others were too simple and lacked basic functionality. So we set out to build our own, incredibly advanced, yet so simple your grandma could use it system.