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Why is logo design so important?

Logo design is the process of using text, colour, images or shapes to create a unique graphic that communicates your brand. All other company branding is influenced by your logo design. Your logo design will most likely be with you for many years as it will appear on all your branding, marketing, physical products and online. Having an amazing logo and branding design can set you apart from your competition who might have paid someone $5 online for a cheap logo design.

10 years experience with logo design

Over A Decade of Experience

Creating countless logo designs for many different types of businesses.

We’ve been creating logos and branding for companies across Melbourne and the rest of Australia for over a decade. With that much design experience, Sites On Fire are guaranteed to help your new, or existing small to medium business stand out. See our examples

Completely Custom

We don’t re-use logos, or cheap templates. Every logo we create is 100% based off of the discussions we have with you, the client. Tell us about your business, colours you like, design styles you are after, and we will come back to you with multiple concepts for you new logo.

Tweak It To Perfection

Once you’ve picked a concept you like, we then work to refine it. Show it to your friends and colleagues and get some real world feedback. We won’t charge you extra if you aren’t happy. The end goal is the perfect logo for your business.

Whatever else you need

Once the logo is done we can design any other marketing material you may need. We can create business cards, flyers, pamphlets and almost any print or digital material you need.

Painless Logo Design Process

Whether you have an idea or not, we make getting a logo easy

Our process begins by talking with you to get any ideas you have. If you don’t have any ideas, we can come up with them for you. We then create 3 very different logo design concepts. You choose your preferred design, then we complete two rounds of design revisions to your logo, before settling on the logo that perfectly fits your needs.

refresh your logo design

Refresh Your Old Logo Design

Logos get stale, make sure your business looks modern

Many major companies will rework their logo over time. Design trends move very fast, and an old logo can make your business look out of touch. A clean, modern logo will elevate your business above the competition. Don’t leave the impression with potential clients that you aren’t very good at what you do.

What makes a good business logo?

A good logo should stand out first and foremost. But it should convey to your customers the value of your service or product. The colours and fonts used are heavily determined by the audience you are marketing for. If it’s for children, you’d see lots of bright colours, bold font. For expensive, up market companies, you see the opposite. Generally only one or two colours. Very minimal text. Lot’s of white space. A good look is all about understanding the target market.

Do I need to have any ideas?

None at all. Some clients have come to us with an idea on paper, others don’t even know what colours they like. You can have as much, or as little input as possible.

Not everyone is creative, and not everyone knows how to speak the language of design. Our job is to interpret what you want, into the logo you want.

What do i get at the end?

When you have signed off on your new logo, we will provide you the files in any format you need. As a rule we provide an Illustrator or PDF file so you have a vector copy of the logo. We will also export several resolutions of JPG and PNG images for web use. If you ever need anything specific, send us an email and we can help you out.